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IBM Thinkpad 1411 Pentium 300MHz MMX 32MB
4.3GB HD/24X CD/56K/12.1 inch TFT/Win 98

IBM ThinkPad 365ED IBM 5x86C 100MHz 8MB RAM
540MB Hard Drive/10.4 inch DSTN/Win 95

IBM Thinkpad 365X Pentium 133MHz 8MB Ram
1.08GB/4x CD/11.3 Inch DSTN No O/S

IBM ThinPad 385ED Pentium MMX 166MHz 16MB
3.0GB HD/20X CD/12.1 Inch TFT/Win 95

IBM Thinkpad 385XD Pentium MMX 233MHz 32MB
3.2GB HD/24X CD/12.1 Inch TFT/Win 98

IBM Thinkpad 390E Celeron 300MHz 32MB RAM
3.2GB HD/24X CD/56K/12.1 Inch TFT/Win 98

IBM ThinkPad 755C 486DX 8MB RAM

514MB HD/11.0 Inch Dual Scan/No OS

IBM Thinkpad 760E Pentium 133MHz 32MB RAM
1GB HD / 33.6K / 12 inch TFT/ No OS

IBM ThinkPad 760EL Pentium 120MHz 8MB RAM
810MB HD/10 Inch TFT/No OS

IBM Thinkpad 770x Pentium II 300MHz 128MB
8.1GB HD/24X CD/56K/13.7 inch TFT/Win NT

IBM Thinkpad i 1451 Pentium 300MHz MMX 64MB
4.8GB HD/24X CD/56K/13.3-inch TFT/Win 98


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